[iDC] How does social media educate? :: external contributions

Ulises arsalaan1-idc at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 16:08:31 EST 2007

At the beginning of this discussion, I sent out an
invitation to some of the people I know who are interested
in new media and education. Since most of them are not on
the iDC list, I asked them to treat the question of how
social media educates in their own online spaces. So far
there have been a couple of responses, and I wanted to share
the links with the members of this list.

Matt Curinga discusses how educational applications of
social media can open sites for challenging the dominant
authority. He posts his essay on The Study Place, a wiki
started by Prof. Robbie McClintock to address the more
general question of _What educates?_

Social Media Educates
http://www.studyplace.org/wiki/index.php?title= Social_Media_Educates

Paz Peña (her last name is spelled with a tilde over the
'n', which unfortunately might not display correctly here)
writes about the link between public education and
governance, and considers how social media could contribute
to an authentic development of the public if the focus
shifts from content to relationships. Her article is in
Spanish. To paraphrase Tobias: Do we have the eyes to read
Spanish? Yo digo que si!

Software Social y Educación: El abordaje de lo público
http://tumbo.wordpress.com/2007/02/12/software-social-y- educacion-el-abordaje-de-lo-publico/



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