[iDC] iDC Photos/Flickr Group. Thanks to Ulises Mejias and Welcome to Joshua Levy

Trebor Scholz trebor at thing.net
Sun Feb 25 00:23:14 EST 2007

You read the posts, now see the photos: thanks to all who contributed their photo to the iDC photo stream thus far. Keep them coming... .

In addition, I set up a Flickr Group that you can join. This could serve as a back channel for the mailing list.

Thanks to Ulises Mejias (and A. G-C, Alan Clinton, Alex Halavais, Brian Holmes, Dan Swartz, danah boyd, Danny Butt, Erik Sundelof, Fred Stutzman, George
Siemens, Grant Kester, Grayson Cooke, John Hopkins, john sobol, Jon Ippolito, Malian Lahey, mark Bartlett, Michel Bauwens, R Labossiere, Ricardo
Dominguez, and Tobias c. van Veen) for the "How does social media educate?" thread.

Now, let's properly welcome the amazing Joshua Levy, who will take us into Second Life (SL).

Joshua is a writer, editor, filmmaker, and blogger whose work explores the social nature of technology and its role among immigrant, minority, and
disenfranchised groups. His work includes The Bronx Blog Project, a video and web project that examines the intersections of technology, immigration, and
community by documenting immigrants in the Bronx as they learned how to blog; "Social Software for Social Change," an experimental and open essay in
wiki form that considers the social and political possibilities of open source software and invites its readers to modify its content; and Pigeon People, a
documentary about three pigeon-keepers that screened at the Brooklyn Arts Council International Film Festival in May 2006. He was associate producer for
the film Many to Many, which examines the burgeoning relationship between big media and the blogosphere.


Ok, Joshua, ... teleport us to Second Life.


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