[iDC] RE: An Inconvenient Youth and Second Life

Brooke Knight brooke_knight at emerson.edu
Tue Feb 27 16:47:16 EST 2007

Hi all:

I'm an inveterate lurker on the list, but I have to pick up on  
Steven's comment a few days ago about how he gave a lecture about SL,  
both in the "real" world and the "virtual" world of Second Life.  We  
here at Emerson College are currently engaged in the same thing -- as  
it is opening up as an educational space.  We have students cranking  
away at building what are essentially avatars of our buildings.  In  
fact, we have an event tomorrow, where both Trebor and Ulises will be  
speaking at Emerson and on Second Life, on the Emerson College  
Island, Emerson Island (145, 109, 23).  Come by at 7 eastern and see  
if it works.

In this case, it will be inside the Bordy Theater on the island.  In  
the "real" world (I've never been comfortable with the distinction),  
the Bordy Theater is inside of a building alongside other buildings  
of the same height and size.  On Emerson Island, It stands out as one  
of the only objects there.

So, I ask -- why is it that there seems to be a need to reproduce  
items that already exist? Is a replica of a real-world place the best  
way to convey a message, even if it doesn't work in SL?  How is that  
message different in SL?

I'm just worried that we continue to experience the tyranny of the  
metaphor, as we have so many times in digital media.



Brooke A. Knight
Assistant Professor of New Media
Department of Visual and Media Arts
Emerson College
brooke_knight at emerson.edu

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