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Brooke Knight brooke_knight at emerson.edu
Tue Feb 27 21:19:07 EST 2007

Josephine and Dave --

Thanks for the links -- fascinating. It just struck me as odd that so  
much work was being put into a "building" that isn't a building --  
and perhaps one that is not very good for its purpose.  We'll see  
tomorrow at the talk how this all works.  Our plan is to have the  
traditional podium/table/screen set up in RL, with a second screen  
that will show what is happening in SL.  In SL, you will see live  
streaming video of the RL talk.   Q & A will come from both audiences.

 From Boston, we have already simulcast some Upgrade! International  
events, with mixed success.

But always we feel the need to provide chairs...

My colleague John (Craig) Freeman has been reconfiguring his artwork  
for SL, and it is also on Emerson Island (his avatar is JC  
Freemont) . He has created spheres with audio and RL images that talk  
about the history of specific places.  It really is a fascinating  
inversion of the real and the virtual.  I still don't have my head  
around it.

One of my graduate students (Evan Leek) is just starting a great  
project recreating a roman forum in SL. He's using one of the oldest  
examples of an authored space built for controlling interactions with  
the public (the forum), and placing it in a constructed social  
software metaverse.

btw, my SL avatar is Will Hogarth.

Hope to run into some of you tomorrow.



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