[iDC] Second Life as educational tool

Chris Byrne chris at crowriver.net
Wed Jan 31 15:36:03 EST 2007

At the risk of being known as "the guy who just forwards snippets  
from The Register", I thought I would.....you get the picture.

I'm not at all sure about this critique of Second Life, in some  
respects it is highly subjective, has a phobia about feminists, and  
is a tad narcissistic (but then it is about a fantasy role play).

"Second Life is perhaps the whitest environmet I've ever experienced,  
and the most middle-class: I'm hard pressed to recall a single  
conversation with an undeucated resident. By and large, everyone is  
playing, and everyone has a fairly healthy bank account, as the basic  
costs of entry - even for a free account - are dictated by some  
rather pricey computing parephrenalia (sic). Everyone is concerned  
with arts and science, and speaks with pride about information  
technology; everyone likes to learn; everyone believes in progress.  
It is, literally, an online white suburban paradise."

Whoever thought virtual reality could bring up so many 'real' issues?

My big, fat, lily-white Second Life
By Destiny Welles
Published Tuesday 30th January 2007 15:11 GMT


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