[iDC] Cell phones in developing countries

Dmytri Kleiner dk at haagenti.com
Thu Mar 1 18:17:13 EST 2007

Martin Lucas wrote:
> One of the things to think about in this context is how open mobile platforms are.  In the US they are pretty closed.  Some European manufacturers and operators espouse open source standards, but in an era when most people will go online via their phone, the picture looks fairly bleak, with an outlook for access much more restrictive than what is possible through a computer platform.

Hello, I am Dmytri Kleiner, of Telekommunisten. We are working on a 
product called Dialstation which is a bridge between mobile phones and 
voip (SIP/h.323) using basic technology that is supported by cheap 
commodity mobile phones.

We are launching in Berlin, but Africa is more the kind of market we 
will be building out to support.

Besides allowing cheap long distance calling from mobile phones, 
Dialstation will all so allow ad-hoc conferencing and peer-to-peer 
SMS-based payments using "real" money as well as community currency.

We believe that the mobile phone is not only emerging as the world's 
communication device, but the world's wallet as well.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or contacts who may be 
interested in this project, let me know.

Dmytri Kleiner, Robotnik
Telekommunisten, Berlin.
dk at telekommunisten.net

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