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Jean Baudrillard says :

" Eh bien, je suis hors de moi, dans tous les sens du terme !"

" Well, I am outside me, in all the meanings of the term! "

Les exilés du dialogue,
Jean Baudrillard, Enrique Valiente Noailles,
éd. Galilée, Paris, octobre 2005.

Mardi, le 6 mars 2007

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Subject: Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007)

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard dies

The Associated Press

March 6, 2007 [] PARIS: Jean Baudrillard, a French philosopher and social
theorist known for his provocative commentaries on consumerism, excess and
he said was the disappearance of reality, died Tuesday, his publishing house
said. He was 77.

Baudrillard died at his home in Paris after a long illness, said Michel
Delorme, of the Galilee publishing house.

The two men had worked together since 1977, when "Oublier Foucault" (Forget
Foucault) was published, one of about 30 books by Baudrillard, Delorme said

Among his last published books was "Cool Memories V," in 2005.

Baudrillard, a sociologist by training, is perhaps best known for his
of "hyperreality" and "simulation."

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