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Hi Bernard,

Not sure what is business school about communal validation, wish they were
indeed talking about such things there.

But more seriously:  any mode of production/governance/distribution has to
take care of 3 processes if it is to socially reproduce itself: 1) the
cumulation process (which is now distributed in p2p); 2)  winnowing,  i.e.
the selection for quality process (which happens through communal
validation, i.e. is distributed as much as the production is); 3)
anti-hijacking processes  (procedures against private appropriation, the
tragedy of the commons, etc...)

On 5/1/07, Bernard Roddy <bproddy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> For what it's worth, this post from Joshua Levy is encouraging.  I follow
> efforts by death row inmates on Texas Death row, and the MySpace and penpal
> journalism phenomenon holds a powerful potential for some serious reflection
> on an issue that corporate media has a strangle-hold over.  Of course we'll
> take the "professional" journalist, but only when they know what they're
> talking about.  (To say there's no call to replace traditional media is,
> perhaps, minimizing a problem, of course.)  By contrast, I was disappointed
> by the discussion raised by Michel Bauwens and Robert Labossiere.  Bauwens
> says something about "the key" to successful projects, making reference to
> "community validation" and "quality," and answering Labossiere's call for
> ideas on "talent" and "agents."  This just sounds like business school to
> me.
> Bernie
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