[iDC] THE ANTI WEB 2.0 MANIFESTO (Andrew Keen)

Myron Turner mturner at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sat May 5 16:03:40 EDT 2007

I know I haven't contributed to the forum for quite a while, but I've 
reading through the Keen thread with interest and came on this post.  I 
have to say that I didn't put Bauwens' comments in a commercial context, 
perhaps because I'm in the midst of developing a project that involves a 
wiki and as well because I've been involved for some time in the open 
software movement.  In terms of the wiki, one which is fairly wide open 
to the public, there has to be some form of sober second thought, which 
is generally the wiki community.  This is one way in which I immediately 
interpreted "community validation". 
In the same way, in the open software movement, a project may be 'open' 
to contributions but these have to be held up to community checks.  
There are some projects which are virtually unchecked,  for instance the 
Perl repository CPAN.  There the community validation comes in the form 
of use.  But even there the contributor has to be able to format the 
contribution in a way that is itself an initial barrier at least to the 
trivial .
The point is that a great deal of what goes on on the web follows this 
model of openness and community validation.

Bernard Roddy wrote:
>   By contrast, I was disappointed by the discussion raised by Michel 
> Bauwens and Robert Labossiere.  Bauwens says something about "the key" 
> to successful projects, making reference to "community validation" and 
> "quality," and answering Labossiere's call for ideas on "talent" and 
> "agents."  This just sounds like business school to me.
> Bernie
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Myron Turner

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