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just came across this, in the context of art, a kind of inverse situation...

an essay by Shumon Basar entitled The Professional Amateur
in the book Did Someone Say Participate?

I'll have to check out Tous Sublimes, referred to by Michel in the Agency thread: can be purchased here, in French only

the topic is changing labour markets towards more "casual" work patterns
a game based on this phenomenon: 

  A book that has been recommended to me, but hard to get in libraries, is Tous Sublimes, which reviews the many initiatives across Europe to achieve precisely that, and to revive the condition for a renaissance of the Sublimes, the 19th cy. labour aristocrats that worked just a few months a year. This is pretty much the structural condition of cognitive workers, who are no longer selling their labour to capital, but are rather as artisans in control of their own means of production. 
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