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koltzenburg at w4w.net koltzenburg at w4w.net
Sat May 12 03:13:15 EDT 2007

hi folks,

it has been really interesting to follow this list, i heard about it mid October
2005 at the Budapest RE: activism conference, www.re-activism.net
and have liked the spirit here ever since - and the content :-)

it is Trebor's reference to Mouffe/Laclau's temporary coalitions that triggers my

> Chantal
> Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau argue for temporary coalitions of people from
> different walks of life around a specific short-term goal such as
> founding a kindergarten. They come together, make it happen and
> disperse.

so i am sticking my head out by way of pointing you to a performance buffet which
has just recently been opened, on academic lore (cooperation conventions and their
functions if you like), on revisiting this lore in a critical spirit, 

go see, bring some food or drink:

Revisiting academic lore

it is linked to the newly launched journal,
open access open review
International Journal of Feminist Technoscience (IJFT)

this is where may be discussed, as Trebor said

> participatory technologies. Descriptions of contemporary technological
> phenomena, 
<snip> that <snip>
> need to lead to a critique of the social, cultural
> and political forces that push them into existence.

> Are there other, perhaps more truly transformative examples
> that tap power for our own purposes?

well, it seems the IJFT is up to finding out more about this issue, with view to
what can be done by an academic open access open review journal - the site of which
is based on the wordpress blog software..., a very unusual combination, using blog
software for an academic journal, i presume. am keen to learn if i am wrong about
this, any other examples?

best, Claudia
~~~ koltzenburg at w4w.net ~~~

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