[iDC] Demos report on participatory culture

Julian Kücklich julian at kuecklich.de
Mon May 28 03:43:55 EDT 2007

Logging On: Culture, participation and the web

In the brief history of the internet, the cultural sector has followed 
two related paths: on the one hand, the digitisation of content and 
provision of information and, on the other, interactivity and 
opportunities for expression. Some have seen these as in binary opposition.
The truth is that they are inexorably merging. But the big question is 
where do we go next? How can policy intervention best meet with 
technology to achieve the aim of bringing about a more democratic 
culture? What will be the role, opportunities and limitations of online 
culture in a rapidly changing world?

A moment of reflection is provided by the coming to an end, in March 
2007, of the Culture Online initiative funded by the Department for 
Culture,Media and Sport. Culture Online provides both an interesting 
case study, bringing together lessons learnt about how to organise 
online engagement, and a point of departure for asking questions about 
future directions.


julian raul kücklich, ma


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