[iDC] Facebook's social advertising system and the rise of the fansumer

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Sat Nov 10 19:26:56 UTC 2007


You give MySpace way too much credit. What Facebook is doing, while creepy,
is revolutionary within the realms social networking. Excluding Adsense,
MySpace can only tailor ads based on location, gender, sexual preference,
and age. They haven't had a clear cut ability to do it by any keywords based
off the users profiles. That has been the big knock on MySpace is that they
charge such a high amount for advertising but are limited in how you can
target it. (Which kind of has been a selling point for me and other grass
root marketers on MySpace, we are at least smart enough to data mine using


On Nov 10, 2007 11:12 AM, Chris Byrne <chris at crowriver.net> wrote:

> Interesting article from the Guardian technology section. Facebook
> becoming more and more like MySpace, it seems:
> "Facebook's social advertising system and the rise of the fansumer
> The social networking site is providing a way for companies to reach
> people who are what they consume
> by Jack Schofield
> Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook's social advertising
> system in New York yesterday, and it has nothing to do with banner
> ads, or text ads. It is, rather, a clever way to capitalise on the
> rise of fansumers: the sort of people who buy products as a way of
> making statements about themselves and their aspirations: in other
> words, it's the off-the-shelf lifestyle business. (Usually, the
> "statement" is that they have more money than sense.)
> To give an example, SugarWater will be able to set up a SugarWater
> profile page, which they can't correctly do at the moment. People who
> love SugarWater will then be able to "friend" SugarWater, making
> their allegiance plain to all their friends. The community of
> SugarWater fans will be able to reinforce one another's judgement
> about the superiority of SugarWater over the rival WaterSugar
> product, from which it is otherwise indistinguishable.
> Since this fits the modus operandi of lifestyle marketing, it should
> do well."
> Read more here:
> http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/technology/2007/11/07/
> facebooks_social_advertising_system_and_the_rise_of_the_fansumer.html
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