[iDC] shelf life

A.Trocchi frenesi at kein.org
Thu Nov 15 17:23:08 UTC 2007

Hi all,
as the others that replayed to the topic that Annette started I have 
some odd projects online.
Projects that I loved and that have been part of my life. And of course 
I dont' have any cue to rescue them as it will request to much work 
which is either better to use for new things. So I have been thinking 
about transforming those work in narrations of the work itself. Words 
that may explain what the work has been and when and why.

At the same time I believe that all our electronic and digital 
productions are incredibly ephemeral.

I'm a videomakers and I still have to find a trustable way to create an 
archive of video I have made. Dvd are unreialable, miniDV tapes too. 
Also DVcam die in 10 years, Hard Disks to store maybe are a solution but 
then you have to save your videos in a lot of different formats...

To be honest I think that the whole of our culture based on electricity 
is going to disappear. I know I may sound a little bit apocalyptic but I 
really think that our world will change a lot in the next...let's say 
100 years at least? It's clear that our model of development is 
unsustainable... and i have friends all over the world which I fear that 
in 30 years I won't be able to contact anymore...

Annette worte:
 > Mythically, art objects have been imagined [or hoped] to have a kind of
 > eternal life. Barring physical destruction, but acknowledging cultural
 > difference, contextual change, and continuous reinterpretation, the
 > [traditional] art object has a kind of inner stability/integrity that
 > defies time.

I think that the differences with digital-electronic art is that in the 
contemporary realm we don't expect history to really exist anymore.
Where once there were “meaning and history”, now there is an haunted 
landscape of vacant and shifting signifiers. Maybe none of us expect our 
art work to resist history and time... maybe we just expect to stimulate 
some meaning now?

I don't know, but thank you all for your thoughts.


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