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Lynn Hershman lynn2 at well.com
Tue Nov 20 00:59:15 UTC 2007

This is quite a fascinating discussion.

There is also the possibility  of  re-archiving, as a means to  
sustaining a sense of  longevity.

For the past three years I worked with Stanford Humanities Lab to put  
part of my archive into an on line digital space.  The result is Life  
Squared which was an investigation of a simulated hotel room,  
originally in real life, in real time, that examines the context of  
its own location.   It was reset inside Second Life.  It became  the  
essence, not a replica of  the original intention.
Archives derived from past materials, but digitally relocated,   
become the content for a "meta-archive” a hybrid environment, meant  
to facilitate deeper analysis, investigation and exploration of the  
original work and, expand the audience.  Using emerging and pervasive  
technology as part of the structure  was  a method of engaging the  
archaeology of space, the plasticity of time and the multi-layered  
interpretations of embedded artifacts.  Users can dynamically revisit  
the remains, of an online meta-narrative that integrates real and  
virtual architecture, artificial intelligent avatars, artifacts,  
somatic characters and situational components such as site tagging,   
into a mixed reality and pervasive environment.

Varying migration techniques allowed other 30+year old  environments  
to be replicated  into real space, miming the flaws and failures of  
the original of course.


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