[iDC] what will be the impact of voter generated remixes on the election?

noel hidalgo noel at noneck.org
Thu Jul 3 22:25:58 UTC 2008

Over the past few months, the team at RemixAmerica.org has wondered
how much of an impact voter-generated videos will have. If we look at
the Obama campaign and search YouTube, you will find Vote Different,
will.i.am's "Yes We Can," Obama Girl, The Empire Strikes Barack, and
Baracky - just to name a few.

Yet YouTube's term's of service has already brought down The Empire
Strikes Barack and Baracky. (btw, you can find them at
RemixAmerica.org) So we at RemixAmerica.org are publicly beta
launching to enlist your input.

We've dusted out the bugs, washed the windows, and organized the
furniture for a little 4th of July celebration. If you have a few
minutes this weekend, check out http://RemixAmerica.org - I promise
you a treat.

http://RemixAmerica.org is the new home for remixers and video
remixes. We are a non-partisan, non-profit project of Declare
Yourself. Through RemixAmerica.org you can participate within the
political medium of video remixes, mashups and video comments. Not
only can you use our software to easily create your own remixes! BUT
you can join the discussion by using your webcam to "talk back."

Through our "American Playlist," we make it easy to combine today's
political debate with America's great ideas and historical speeches --
from the Gettysburg Address to Kennedy's Inaugural to Dr. King's
speeches -- we give you the power to remix America's greatest moments.
Check out our blog for highlights, http://blog.remixamerica.org

If you are a remixer, we would love to feature your work. Upload to
http://RemixAmerica.org today, and we promise you an informed and
engaged community.

If you are a citizen journalist, cultural producer, campaign worker,
etc. and have videos to share, upload them to http://RemixAmerica.org.
We want to explore the impact of video remixes around America. We want
to hear your voice and see your thoughts.

Also, we have noticed that there is no global discussion list for
remixers. SO we have set up a google group at <
http://groups.google.com/group/videoremix >. We hope that you join the
mix and help us develop a global network of creators.

In short, we are ready to see your creativity. If you think we need to
change ANYTHING, please email me < noel at remixamerica.org > and I will
make sure your questions, comments, complaints, or problems are

We look forward to seeing you and we really look forward to your comments.

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