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yeah, gold and real estate -- benchmarks for the "exotic assets" of art...
Just recall that "map of the market" is temporal -- gold spiked yesterday at
4pm, then settled back down over night...
there's a lot more of it now than there was in times past, eh? "Material
processes" being more advanced... I'm not sure it's the kind of "free
parking" for frightened money it was in the past.
At Saturday's close of the "Democracy" convergence at the NYC Armory, Andy
Bichelbaum read out from his fictional newspaper of desirable things to
come, news we'd like to see. Then he called out for suggestions. I yelled,
"Government Service for the Institution of Alternative Economies!" And still
I wonder, to what extent do artists, cultural creatives, have any potential
to inject a post-capitalist lifeline into the coming storm? So many projects
recently have been exactly about that....

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After yesterday's bailout rejection and the huge stock market drop, I
checked out the Map of the Market and saw this:


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