[iDC] Back to materiality?

Simon Biggs s.biggs at eca.ac.uk
Tue Sep 30 15:54:22 UTC 2008

The tightening of credit that ³is coming²? I thought it had been here for a
year already? What¹s coming next is a major economic slowdown ­ if not

Sorry for the downer...perhaps I¹ll get drunk with Patrick then?



On 30/9/08 15:49, "Patrick Lichty" <voyd at voyd.com> wrote:

> I just checked it again, and it's very green all over.
> It's interesting that I think this was written by Mark Wattenberg, also a
> respected New Media artist.  I had lunch with him at his office overlooking
> Ground Zero in 2001...
> The confluence of events is very funny.
> However, with the tightening of credit that IS coming, I think that shows
> like Holy Fire _might_ forecast an overall move towards art-materiality in
> the short term.
>> > After yesterday's bailout rejection and the huge stock market drop, I
>> > checked out the Map of the Market and saw this:
>> > 
>> > http://blog.burak-arikan.com/back-to-materiality/
>> >
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