[iDC] IPF09 Conference thoughts

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Fri Dec 4 22:54:00 UTC 2009

Hi Kevin --

> Thanks for sharing this tantalizing bit from your project Chris, I'm 
> sure eager to see more of the outcomes. You rightfully remind us that 
> framing the discussion in terms of ideologies or worldviews, even 
> economically-influenced ones, leaves out the fact that there are bodies 
> moving around (or not moving), generating these stories.

Much of the flow of human resources (beings) as a primary energy source, was 
facilitated (forced along) by the formative pathways of the Military-Industrial 
complex (Interstate highway system, for example, the car culture in general, 
etc, ad nauseum).  It was the prescribed protocollary forces of that M-I system 
that facilitated (required!) mobility of the bodies as a dispensable resource. 
And that enforced mobility had a cost -- the essential alienation of the 
displaced Self.  This displaced Self would have been a major social problem in 
regards to social stability, but that problem was muted by universal consumerism 
(chain retailing) which imposed a sameness on most major (Cartesian) points 
under the domain of the M-I complex.  The pathways remain the same, but the 
strictness of their applied stricture on each individual gives rise to a 
plethora of different stories: variations on a theme.

These energy flows are not arbitrary, but are complex interactions between 
evolutionary expressions of life on the planet (humans as perhaps a non-unique 
expression of that life, in principle) and how techno-social systems re-form and 
apply pathways on those energies...


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