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It's just another complacent entry amidst the predictably
sad flurry of colonized artworld precepts -- meagre
collegial tenure-fodder at best!

But on the bright side: all this nonsense may finally be

Some 10,000 US arts organizations have disappeared or are
close to ending their operations. This represents about 10
percent of the total, and the economic crisis is only a few
months old! Arts organizations in the West are especially
vulnerable because so many in recent years have come to rely
on insider government subsidies, corporate largesse or the
contributions of wealthy conspirators. Aside from the
inevitable ideological limitations this placed on arts
groups, this corrupt relationship tied the latter to the
fate of the stock market and the wider economy. Good
riddance and happy days!


"We fill the craters left by the bombs
And once again we sing
And once again we sow
Because life never surrenders."
-- anonymous Vietnamese poem

"Nothing can be said about the sea."
-- Mr Selvam, Akkrapattai, India 2004

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