[iDC] A Modest Proposal: Let's get rid of the teachers

davin heckman davinheckman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 00:17:00 UTC 2009

> Thanks for this, so well described. Just curious how you would imagine a teacher doing all of these things as a "feed jockey"? It seems to me that so much of what you describe below -- the "what I really do in class" -- can only happen in an emergent, participatory, and yes (here I anticipate the techno-utopians jumping down my throat) less-mediated, if not even embodied, context.

That's a good point, Lucia.  And this is also why I think classrooms
will continue to exist.  While there are many good "content delivery
systems," they just kind of automate processes which are really
peripheral to "university education."  Who needs to take a class in
Photoshop when you can find plenty of tutorials that teach a
particular set of techniques?  What an art or design student really
needs is a community which can break the techniques down and
reassemble them in some other way...  and that's primarily a social
activity.  And, in my experience, the quickest, most efficient way to
create the chaotic sort of environment where the routine ways of doing
things can be broken down...  is to put a bunch of people in a room

Having said that...  aren't we all here having an "educational"
experience talking to each other?  And this is just a bunch of smart,
engaged people, lobbing ideas back and forth because just because we
think it's stimulating.  So, maybe a link jockey is something like
this (but with more links)?


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