[iDC] A quick introduction

Katie Cavanagh Katie.Cavanagh at flinders.edu.au
Thu Feb 19 06:24:21 UTC 2009

Greetings All,
I read this list so often that I recognize your names. That last comment, if not
read as satirical, may not be the best first comment for me to make. A quick
personal background -I have been reading and studying the construction digital
lives and digital texts for several years. I am working on my PhD and lecturing
far too much to publish. Please read my comment as being written with tongue
firmly in cheek. I think I might retire back into the comfort of mainly reading
the list now, I do genuinely enjoy access to your thoughts and ideas, especially
the ones that challenge.

Katie Cavanagh

Katie Cavanagh
Coordinator, BCA Digital Media
Screen and Media Studies
Flinders University
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South Australia
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