[iDC] "Wikipedia Art" and the Kenny Glenn case

Alex Halavais alex at halavais.net
Thu Feb 19 16:57:57 UTC 2009

I suspect it is part of the long-term fear of being sued. A
site-ending libel suit has always been a significant fear for
Wikipedia, and so they are far more tentative when it comes to
biographical issues. Of course, this does not explain everything--and
no doubt there are deeper issues--but there is an almost overwhelming
pressure to avoid anything that could lead to libel. This is one of
those cases in which libel seems to be especially likely.

- Alex

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 6:19 AM, Kate Raynes-Goldie <kate at k4t3.org> wrote:


> What stuck out for me was that this seemed to be more of an issue of
> following rules rather than making Wikipedia a better information
> source. We didn't follow them perfectly, so the admins are upset and
> so that becomes the issue to block the page.


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