[iDC] Exploitation...

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Tue Jul 7 13:47:41 UTC 2009

Lilly Irani wrote:
> Thanks for posting this, Trebor. Txteagle gave me a bit of a start when I
> read about it. I'eve never read anything about it that talks about the
> laborers and their economic contexts in specific terms. As with many of
> these development-at-mega-scale "innovations," supposed beneficiaries are
> painted in broad, "third world" brush strokes.

And note that in the example given, all flows (of attention and power) 
go back to Nokia who is both assigning the task and deploying the 
results.  The results being a system for life-time-harvesting as well as 
a system of standardization which forces all users to 'speak Nokia's 
language' -- so, not only to create value for and give power to Nokia, 
but to alter the users intrinsically idiosyncratic expressions to the 
world into a form that is acceptable to Nokia.  The entire techno-social 
system does this.  Adopt or be marginalized (or punished) by that system...


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