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On Tue 07/07/09  3:33 PM , "Ken Wark" warkk at newschool.edu sent:
> I would like to juxtapose The Craftsman to a few pars below which
> summarize a book by Leslie T. Chang, Factory Girls, Speigel and Grau,
> New York, 2008
> ...Who would have thought, back in the middle of the
> twentieth century, that in the early twenty-first century, the fate of
> global capital might hinge, at least in part, on the prudent
> stewardship of the Chinese Communist Party? 

Henry Flynt, for one. On grounds that a fully planned economy would require
extremely sophisticated input-output matrix algorithms, and that the Chinese were
not even bothering to conduct research in this field, Flynt concluded that the
Chinese leadership was then only sloganeering for sloganeering's sake, and never
intended in the end to resort to anything other than a market-planned economy.

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