[iDC] "recursive publics"

Dean, Jodi JDEAN at hws.edu
Fri Jul 10 13:25:08 UTC 2009

Jodi says:
    Another way to put this: the justice of the market is not the same as political justice.

Chris replies:

okay, i'll bite, what is the difference?


in a market, the agreement of buyer and seller makes something just; this is understood as price (under the assumption that markets achieve equilibrium).

there are different versions of political justice. some of these versions meet up and conflict with price, so:

--justice requires that some things not be sold, that some things have no price
--justice requires an equal outcome
--justice requires participation in the constitution of the site of exchange
--justice requires basic conditions that come prior to exchange
--justice requires mindfulness of the long term/future generations

with the last one, we get into different kinds of justice
--justice in rectifications
--justice in the distribution of responsibilities and rights
--the characteristics of just laws and procedures

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