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When you say threaten central control are you allowing for forms of decentralized surveillance and control? And, with regard to banking, do you have in mind the 
crazy disequilibrium of financial markets and the resulting uncertainties and extremes or something else?


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Hi Everyone,

Douglas Rushkoff, here. ( http://rushkoff.com ) I write books about
media, culture, and technology, and just finished one called Life Inc,
which looks mostly at the issues being explored in the upcoming
Internet as Playground and Factory conference.

Trevor has invited me to participate, and I'm hoping to do a talk on
the decentralized value made possible by Internet technologies, and
how these have threatened central banking, currency, and control. I'm
also particularly interested in the ways that users activities are
limited to those that might better be considered consumption than
production, and why interfaces biased towards these behaviors are
adopted more quickly than those offering more agency.

I'm also teaching at New School for my first time this fall, in the
hope of eventually becoming a more regular member of the faculty. It's
a department I've admired from afar for a long time, and look forward
to every opportunity to engage with this community.

(Meanwhile, I'm on Colbert Report this Wednesday evening, to talk
about these very issues. Or at least to attempt to talk about them.
Please watch and send positive vibes.)
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