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Perhaps more like the cosmological question Œwhy is the universe lumpy¹? (to
which the answer might be either Œdark matter¹ or Œdunno¹!)

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> A bit like dark matter then?
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> Conversation: Alan's questions about media theory/ies
> Subject: [iDC] Alan's questions about media theory/ies
> Axiomatically, there is mediation. It comes before such accidental and
> contingent binaries as subjects and objects, space and time. It even precedes
> communication. Mediation is a name for the fundamental connection between (and
> within) everything. Sometimes it communicates, sometimes it just opens
> channels, sometimes it is pure poetry, and exchange of energies. The biggest
> question for any historical theory of media is: how come, in a universe where
> mediation is the law, there is such concentration, delay, detouring, and
> hoarding of  it?
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