[iDC] Alan's questions about media theory/ies

Jordan Crandall actor at jordancrandall.com
Thu Jul 23 20:33:34 UTC 2009

I think he is making a distinction between linguistic and nonlinguistic
practices, in order to emphasize the latter since they tend to be overlooked
in our emphasis on language and the the linguisticality of experience.  Even
Foucault made this distinction.  Suely Rolnik says it this way, that we
apprehend the world in two primary ways: pattern of form and field of force.
One involves representation and the other resonation.  Of course they are
usually bound up together, implicated one in the other.  But sometimes not:
we can apprehend the world proprioceptively in ways that don't involve
language.  We can sense without making sense.

On 7/23/09 7:51 AM, "Dean, Jodi" <JDEAN at hws.edu> wrote:

> A question:
> Mark Edward Cote writes:
> if we set language as a baseline then we overlook how the body
> and affect help constitute the actualization of our environment.
> Why does that follow? If one has in mind spoken language, then voice is
> implicated. If one has in mind written language, then sight
> is implicated. Comprehension of a statement intended to shock--"she looked
> around furtively as she bit out the baby's beating heart"--
> would require an affective reaction (another example, the test for clones in
> Blade Runner).
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