[iDC] culture?

Tony Conrad conrad at buffalo.edu
Sat Jul 25 06:21:40 UTC 2009

I suspect that Alan slipped, and let sand and rocks aboard "culture"... he
certainly let computers on board.

[Here we go again, with the Turing test, Pierce, writing & differance, etc. ?]


On Sat 07/25/09  2:00 AM , Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com sent:
> Just some general comments - First, I'm not sure what the distinction is
> between linguistic and non-linguistic. Second, related, I tend to see 
> culture all the way down - i.e. one might think through cultures of 
> reptiles, etc., and even further, plants like dodder or slime molds might
> also be susceptible here. By culture I'm referencing passed on learning
> that's not encoded or is only partially coded, and learning that leads to
> non-determinist responses. Third, I think that language is always already
> within and without bodies, that bodies are inscribed, and that inscription
> is basic to organism. Heinz von Foerster said roughly the same thing in
> terms of negation and Shahn Majid develops this in the sense of Venn 
> diagrams that are based on inscribing boundaries between x and ~x. If one
> might look at fields and patterns, these meld within inscription. There is
> no brute knowing, there is certainly 'muscle knowledge,' but that also is
> within languaging as ball- and guitar-players know. Perhaps languaging 
> stops at the bordering of pain, certainly death, but pain is inscribed as
> if within and without the body, simultaneously centered and decentered,
> and death is transparent to inscription.
> One surely thinks through intelligences, knowings, fields, and it's hard
> to pin these things down. One thing comes to mind, probably as untrue as
> any of the above - that labor is externally inscribed, and play internally
> so - one might walk away from play, change the rules, delete, just as any
> superstructure's always wobbly? But labor - I mean one might not even know
> all the rules, and this ignorance is at a cost (having been let go from
> university once or twice, not to mention other jobs, I'm as sure of this
> as I am of my own neurosis which blinds me).
> - Alan
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