[iDC] Alan's questions about media theory/ies

Dean, Jodi JDEAN at hws.edu
Sat Jul 25 14:25:15 UTC 2009

I was happy to read Alan's turning us again to work, labor, and play because I was wondering how our recent discussions might link up with these. I confess to not having any
concrete ideas on this point (although different trajectories might begin with media or antagonism, or language or assemblages....)

Alan writes:

One surely thinks through intelligences, knowings, fields, and it's hard
to pin these things down. One thing comes to mind, probably as untrue as
any of the above - that labor is externally inscribed, and play internally
so - one might walk away from play, change the rules, delete, just as any
superstructure's always wobbly? But labor - I mean one might not even know
all the rules, and this ignorance is at a cost (having been let go from
university once or twice, not to mention other jobs, I'm as sure of this
as I am of my own neurosis which blinds me).

I don't think I agree with the internal inscription /external inscription idea--but it's an interesting idea. There are drives to work; a subject might
feel to be at their mercy, even as they push from within. And, what about never learning to play (poor Michael Jackson). 

But maybe I am misinterpreting internal and external here and it has more to do with Venn diagrams or patterns and fields?


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