[iDC] Introduction: The Internet as Playground and Factory

Gabriella Coleman biella at nyu.edu
Mon Jun 8 13:54:04 UTC 2009

> vi 
> data work (i.e., filling in forms, profiles etc)
> viral marketing by super-users
> artistic work (i.e., video mashups, DeviantArt, Learning to Love You More)

How about "piracy" (and it looks like book piracy is seriously taking 
off right now).

> Most of this about pleasure, play, personal benefit, and profit-- all at
> the same time. It's fun, sure, and the price we pay for the "free
> services" is complex. Michael Warner is a good place to start thinking
> about that:
> "Our lives are minutely administered and recorded to a degree
> unprecedented in history;" as Warner put it, "We navigate a world of
> corporate agents that do not respond or act as people do. Our personal
> capacities, such as credit, turn out on reflection to be expressions of
> corporate agency."
> (Publics and Counterpublics, p52)

Indeed, but we also have to remember that which follows this passage and 
really is the whole point of the chapter (I don't have the book on me 
;-and can't seem to find a pirate copy of it despite what I just noted.)

But it is about the need to recgonize the relative autonomy (or more or 
much less autonomous) form of publics and counterpublics, a social form 
that he traces back to the rise of the reading public. Today while 
mainstream public have been fully colonized by capital, some publics 
have seen a revitalization in certain quarters as well (the argument of 
Kelty's recurive public, comes to mind).


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