[iDC] Introduction: The Internet as Playground and Factory

ursula endlicher ue at ursenal.net
Wed Jun 10 03:36:37 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Trebor asked me to introduce myself to this list. 
I'd like to start with a few words about my work.

I am Ursula Endlicher, and I am an artist working 
on the intersection of Internet, performance and 
In my work I am using the Web's structures and 
grammars, foremost HTML code of specific 
Websites, to choreograph performances. The chosen 
Websites I have used so far in the performance 
series "Website Impersonations: The Ten Most 
Visited" have been facebook, myspace, wikipedia, 
to name just a few.

In these performances I am using participatory 
databases - the html-movement-library(ies) which 
collect user submitted videos (online) or texts 
(while on stage/online) - to co-choreograph the 
The videos and texts in the library are showing 
or describing how HTML tags could look when 
performed through movement. (In order to come up 
with a movement, users, dancers, performers are 
encouraged to read more about it at 
http://turbulence.org/works/html_butoh to find 
out which functionality each tag serves in a 
browser and how to parallel this to physical 

So in my performances, dancers, audience and Web 
code together influence the course of the live 

Here are some links/documentation movies to previous performances:

Website Impersonation of facebook:
-- and a direct link to a docu-movie about it:

Website Impersonation of Wikipedia.org:
-- and a direct link to a docu-movie about it:

More of my work:

I am very much looking forward to participating 
in this already exciting discussion, triggered by 
Trebor's text and questions about labor and 
Internet, leading up to the conference. Topics 
such as user participation, privacy, online 
personae (this comes back to me as a topic, 
differently though to how I was  interested in it 
in the late 1990-ies),  pseudonyms versus "real'" 
names, and "behavior" online and its possible 
effect on offline actions, are among the issues 
which have an impact on my work, and which I'd 
like to further investigate and share with this 

Looking forward to moreŠ



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