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Ellen Goodman ellgood at camden.rutgers.edu
Fri Jun 12 16:08:16 UTC 2009

Hello all, I'm a law professor at Rutgers University - Camden.  Trebor
asked me to participate in this conference because of my work on public
media policy in a networked environment.    The U.S. system of public
media is premised on 20th century forms of media consumption and
production, and notions of the commercial/noncommercial divide.  At the
same time, the goals for public media are better suited to the digital
space than they were to the analog sphere:  participation, diversity,
citizenship, experimentation, technological and artistic innovation.
These discussions about the function and definition of noncommercial
production and amateur/citizen participation in our informational
environment are central to discussions of public media reform and
support.  Does it remain important to have an advertising-free
communicative sphere?  How do we define sponsorship in the new
environment?  How do authority and editorial control co-exist with
distributed production and engagement?  What are the roles of
philanthropists and government in sustaining a noncommercial media space
and what is the place/function of social media in this space?  These are
some of the questions I'm exploring.   


Ellen P. Goodman


Rutgers University School of Law

217 North Fifth Street

Camden, N.J. 08102-1203

ellgood at camlaw.rutgers.edu

856-225-6393 (p)

856-225-6516 (f)

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