[iDC] Introduction: The Internet as Playground and Factory

Aliette Guibert-Certhoux guibertc at criticalsecret.com
Tue Jun 16 01:20:16 UTC 2009

Dear Trebor, Dear all,

What I would want to say without being able to venture to participate
completely in the discussion, because I write too badly English, it is just
this :

Naturally there is a Web economy which is centred by external commercial
activities, I think of the Press for example or I think of the big vectoral
websites trading. These sites represent a working field for developers or
designers, for the translators, for the editors etc. Network engineers, and
creators of software. There is also a business of hosting and a business of
serving the sites, and a very big cost of the bandwidth... But there is also
a big part of free work, the freeware in all our sites of creation and of
publication. And the use of the bandwith is collective mostly free for all.
Who pay the bandwith for sites such as : MySpace (we know), Facebook etc. ?

And finally we can remind that the web commom was almost created free,
hardware and even a part of software--if we count all the experimenters of
the Beta versions.

So that Web being a global space of interactive communication, we can
imagine it similar to an increased  society. Certainly a virtual society but
a real society.

What happens in the society : there are roads railways and a lot of
equipments (is it the word ?)  and a lot of things which are in free access.

Can be apart the commercial device and the paying services but can be too
within the framework of a neo-liberal society, it remains that for any
social organization the principle of the society is to connect people by the
way to allow an increase of productive power, because it is a device of
mutual exploitation of people who share it. This mutual exploitation is a
free exchange which constitutes the social pact. If you make paying the pact
at once the society loosing its object disappear becoming a segregationist
community. Internet is a virtual increased reality from the society and
increasing the Technics of which the source is to get free of alienating
work (i.e. Working for food).

Internet may be sound as the part of evil of the materialist society, the
place of mutual donation even can be the poorest can be to the richest:
online indifference. What is exactly normal.

By night the lighting of the public streets is for everybody even for those
who do not pay tax. Online there is something free, largely free because
that is the pact. Or it will not be vital.

For me it is not disturbing to make run google. Being exploited by this way
is not different with my city. The only matter which disturbs me, it is the
transmission of the vectoral data to the cops. Without forgetting an Hadopi
cop in my computer.
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