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Tue Jun 23 10:49:02 UTC 2009

Dear Abigail,

Thanks so much for your introduction and welcome to the list.

Henry Jenkins has commented on the challenges to fan labor by saying that

“Room for participation and improvisation are being built into new media
franchises [
Cult works were once discovered; now they are being
consciously produced, designed to 
provoke fan interactions.”

Nancy Baym has explored the complexities of exploitation and empowerment
in her paper

"Amateur experts: International fan labor in Swedish independent music"
(Download PDF) http://is.gd/1a5dN

Could you clarify the term fan labor by linking an example of fan labor
from your work to the discussion of exploitation on this list?


A few possible entry points:
As long as such corporate platforms exist and people use them, there will
be problems with corporate surveillance, privacy, etc. http://is.gd/13pKB

There is an intrinsic capitalistic motivation of Internet corporations to
commodify users and user data in order to accumulate capital.

We need to question how network processes normalize monocultures.

Martin Robert's introduction

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