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Paul Prueitt psp at ontologystream.com
Thu Jun 25 16:53:58 UTC 2009

There is so much dialog, all high quality, on the idc list, but it  
would be nice to follow one topic and as new topics arise, to select  
which ones to read and receive.  This would introduce twitter like  
technology I defined in 1999:


and in the year 2000


I sense that twitter is now interfacing with email forums?

A twitter list is defined (by me):

Life is a tweet

Tweets are little bits of text.  However, if one creates a framework  
requiring also that the tweets be structured in standard ways, one  
can tweet knowledge constructions such as concepts in pure  
mathematics, equations, simulations such as Second Life, or updates  
to Twitter files.  Math tweets may then be used to teach set theory,  
probability, statistics, arithmetic in arbitrary bases, college  
algebra, theory of functions and the calculus.  This core is the  
minimal core one would expect of a college degreed person.

Math tweets link topics from many disciplines to any set of topics  
that an individual wishes to add or subtract from lists.  There are  
three kinds of lists;

A) Topics an individual knows and is comfortable with,

B) Topics that are not known or which an individual is uncomfortable  

C) Topics that are not known about by the individual.

More on topic mapping methodology is provided in the technical  
appendix.  The point here is that these lists are to be managed in  
what is essentially a private knowledge operating system, one that  
like tweets is sharable with friends. The operating system is  
sharable as well as content that may be traded within an intellectual  
marketplace.  No software costs are to be seen by individual or  
community participants.

This innovation is consistent with a demand side theory of learning,  
and consistent with my attempts to apply in theory and practice this  
theory of learning to the ongoing and intractable crisis in  
mathematics education, a crisis that affects everyone but  
disproportionately affects under-served communities. 
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