[iDC] Class and the Internet, New Capitalism, and (True New) Socialism for the 21st Century

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Slowly mulling the class-consciousness thing, and also reminded otherwise of
Roy Ascott¹s facsination with consciousness in another sense, I began to
wonder whether there is mileage in the rather passé but still geologically
presumed heideggerian thesis of the standing ­reserve (no, I¹m not a
heideggerian, on the contrary ­ but the idea has constantly to be struggled
with in history of media/technology)

Today the standing-reserve is not just the unconscious material world. It
includes the human ­ as population, as biomass, as mechanism of aggregate
consumption. The question about conscdiousness is whether (to use another
heiddegger word) Œthinking¹  is already party to this conversion of humanity
into standing-reserve, either when, as in de Landa¹s case, we popularise the
idea of humanity as biomass etc; or when by refusing to self-publish the
self-censor the virtuality (capacity to create the new) of new thinking? Ie,
again, damned if we do and damned if we don¹t

If we understand the standing-reserve as biopolitical and commodifying, we
can add some terms: it concerns averages, and it concerns whole-number
enumeration. It thus misses both the specificity and the Œstarting¹
micro-conditions and so opens itself up to cascading chaotic and emergent
structures in spite of itself. This is one way of thinking the schiz as a
political consciousness which is nonetheless neither unified nor pleasant to
experience. The periodic return to order from such chaotic episodes (as I
think happened in the disciplining and monetarisation of the pre-dot-bomb
web) may then be predictable but nonetheless not without influence (see also
post-countercultural hip capitalism)

Sorry to blip in and out of existence like this: I appear to be powered by
an improbability drive

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