[iDC] "The first rule of data centers is...

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Mon Jun 29 04:44:30 UTC 2009

> population that partakes in it. Someone with a knowledge of 
> both global logistical processes and radical net culture 
> over the last twenty years could write a companion essay and 
> then we would at last have the feeling of living with open 
> eyes and beating hearts in the present! Of course, most of 

I'm not sure that those two knowledge criteria are necessary nor
sufficient to bring about a feeling of living with open eyes and beating
hearts.  The limited/locked perspective of screen-bent living is in
itself a severe handicap to producing the wisdom that listening to and
opening the heart brings.  As for the opening of the eyes, it may
require the absolute presence of apocalyptic/prophetic vision -- that
is, vision where the veil of the material (the bridal veil covering the
eyes) is removed and a full awareness of the present moment is revealed
in all its terrible beauty...

I would not be looking to a stable technocratic academic to produce such
a revelation, though anything is possible in this world.


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