[iDC] We do need you now.

Trebor Scholz scholzt at newschool.edu
Thu Nov 12 15:22:58 UTC 2009

Dear all,

We are so ready for you. In a few hours we'll kick off the conference at
Eugene Lang College -- 66 West 12th Street, room 404-- with a screening
of Sleep Dealer, a sci-fi thriller by Alex Rivera who will be there to
respond to your comments ( http://www.sleepdealer.com/). After that join
us for a glass of wine in the Lang cafe.   
Let's turn up the heat over the next few days. Let's put the issue of
digital labor on the front burner. We'll see what happens when some 100
artists, media theorists, New School students, legal scholars,
programmers, social media experts, and activists join to re-evaluate
what constitutes free labor, value, and play in an economy that is
increasingly driven by the expropriation of social participation online.
Many speakers will remind us that shifting labor markets are not limited
to the digital while others will go beyond a critique of "playbor" and
suggest tangible alternatives and near-future scenarios.

The event is free but registration is required. Over 1000 people signed
up  so far and we will stop registration at noon today. You can still
come even if you missed that deadline. Let's see how many of you will

Download the program (http://digitallabor.org/program) or flip through
it in your browser (http://www.scribd.com/doc/22379814/Program-IPF09).

After downloading the program you will quickly notice that there are
several parallel tracks. Face it, you will miss parts of the event. But
calm down, we will document everything to the best of our ability and
you will be able to see it soon. Have a look at the program and decide
which sessions you'd like to attend. Consider what you would do if your
favorite panel simply cannot accommodate more people. Arrive early.
Leave a lot time for check in and pick up your badge. If you register
your computer, you can get access to the wireless network at the New
School. Bring your laptop. We did our best to keep conference locations
close to each other but you will still have to walk a few blocks in
between sessions.   

At this conference everybody is a keynote speaker and you should not
just sit there: tweet something (#IPF09). Play the conference Twitter
game, designed by Local No. 12 (http://twitology.org/).

Thanks to Victoria Vesna, we will be able to live stream one track of
the conference. Tune in 11/13 and 11/14 10am to 5pm (EST). WNYC will
record parts of the event and feature it on their website.

A few of us recorded a video welcome letter on Seesmic.tv to which you
respond (http://seesmic.tv/threads/dzijUisaPo).

We are in the process of filming short video statements, "Voices from
Major credit for that goes to Assal Ghawami!!

So far--
Christiane Paul (http://vimeo.com/7404991), Jonathan Beller
(http://vimeo.com/7404991), Jonah Bossewitch (http://vimeo.com/7446992),
Fred Benenson (http://vimeo.com/7426157), Patrick Lichty
(http://vimeo.com/7280996), Gabriella Coleman
(http://vimeo.com/7122412), Stephanie Rothenberg
(http://vimeo.com/6942119), Brittany Chozinski
(http://vimeo.com/6901224), Orit Halpern (http://vimeo.com/6895034),
Prelude Discussion Terranova, Wark, Ross (http://vimeo.com/6941506),
Tiziana Terranova (http://vimeo.com/6882379), Andrew Ross (part 1:
http://vimeo.com/6880896, part 2: http://vimeo.com/6881391), Patricia
Clough (http://vimeo.com/6797762), Ursula Endlicher
(http://vimeo.com/6789940) Ken Wark (http://vimeo.com/6428602), Dominic
Pettman (http://vimeo.com/6428435), Alexander R. Galloway
(http://vimeo.com/6527166), Hector Postigo (http://vimeo.com/6428745),
Jonah Brucker-Cohen (http://vimeo.com/6461344), Saskia Sassen
Many more videos will follow.

Why is there no mashup, you may ask. Well, there is- at least one so
http://vimeo.com/7553525 We hope that there will be many more. Submit
yours now (welad686 at newschool.edu).

Thank you to the presenters presentations already in advance. Please note that all of these slide
shows, mind maps, and texts are still in progress. They are listed in
random order.

Mark Andrejevic

David Golumbia

Jodi Dean

Laura Forlano

Jonathan Beller

Chris Kelty

Catherine Driscoll

Frank Pasquale

Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott

James Grimmelman  

Ellen Goodman

Brian Holmes

Jesse Drew

Luis Nunez

Sean Cubitt

Robert Mitchell

Abigail De Kosnik

Paul Hartzog

Lilly Irani

Kenneth Rogers

Brittany Chozinski

Hector Postigo

Michel Bauwens

Christian Fuchs

The conference is sponsored by Eugene Lang College The New School for
Liberal Arts and presented in cooperation with the Center for
Transformative Media at Parsons The New School for Design, Yale
Information Society Project, 16 Beaver Group, The New School for Social
Research, The Change You Want To See, The Vera List Center for Art and
Politics, New York University's Council for Media and Culture, and n+1
Magazine. http://digitallabor.org/

You probably already noticed that The Internet as Playground and Factory
is the first in a series of biennial conferences titled, “The Politics
of Digital Media.” Stay tuned for more, keep your ear on the ground

Thanks to you all. Get your dance gear ready for tomorrow's party with
See you in a few hours.


R. T. Scholz
New School University

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