[iDC] The difference between community and voices

Christian Fuchs christian.fuchs at sbg.ac.at
Thu Oct 1 00:11:07 UTC 2009

personally i find it hard to follow most of the threads here in detail 
because many postings are far too long and this makes following the 
discussion difficult and aggravates the community/voices problem.

i am suggesting a formal/informal maximum length of postings.

in most cases what many people say here in several pages of text could 
also be said more on point in a few paragraphs.


Lucia Sommer schrieb:
> Dear John,
> As one of the "smaller" voices, who has nonetheless enjoyed a number 
> of the threads on this list, I appreciate the spirit of this post, in 
> asking important questions.
> I'm not sure, however, whether the problem is really one of "too much" 
> seamless theory - or whether it is simply a relative lack of attention 
> to action, that can't necessarily be blamed on the "big" voices.
> I do also think it would be important to examine the gender dynamics 
> involved in the question of "big" and "small" voices. I have noticed a 
> dynamic on this - and many other - lists, wherein women's 
> contributions to discussion tend to be overlooked / ignored, etc.
> Similarly, posts of people newer to a list tend to be ignored to a 
> greater degree. This latter may be at least somewhat unavoidable, due 
> to the nonrational bonds in friendships or acquaintances formed off-list.
> Not surprisingly, people find this discouraging and will choose to 
> focus their energy elsewhere, thereby diminishing the multiplicity of 
> voices on a list.
> Regards,
> Lucia

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