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Julia Sonnevend js3491 at columbia.edu
Wed Oct 14 12:19:03 UTC 2009

Hi all:
Trebor asked me to introduce myself to the list. I'm a PhD student in
Communications at Columbia University and a Pre-Doctoral Fellow with the
Yale Information Society Project, the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology,
the Columbia Center on Organizational Innovation and the Center for Media
and Communications Studies at Central European University.

I my work I try connect communications theory with visual sociology, art
history and legal theory. My research areas include the role of icons for
contemporary societies, the interrelations between visual culture theories
and globalization theories, cultural trauma, the history of photography with
a special focus on digital photography, visual representations of justice,
critical communications studies, digital education and access to knowledge.
Website: http://julia-sonnevend.com/

I'm going to moderate the ATTENTION, VOLUNTEERISM, AND "PLAYBOR" panel and I
am so very much looking forward to it.

See you all soon, Julia

Julia Sonnevend
PhD Student, Communications
Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
js3491 at columbia.edu
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