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Fred Benenson fcb at fredbenenson.com
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Hi There,
  Trebor said I should introduce myself, and I just finished pecking out my
abstract for my talk so I figured I'd jump in.

At the conference I'm going to be talking about two projects I've done with
Mechanical Turk.

The first project asked Amazon Mechanical Turk workers to come up with more
Mehcanical Turk Human Intelligence Tasks ("HITs"). After accumulating 215
tasks, I created a new HIT where workers could evaluate each task on its
originality, how likely they'd participate in it, and what a fair price they
would pay another worker for it would be.  The resulting aggregate form of
this data provides a meta-view of Turker's individual creative and economic

The other project I'll be discussing is called Emoji Dick, and uses Amazon's
Mechanical Turk to translate Herman Melville's Moby Dick into Japanese
emoticons called emoji. The payment for this task has itself been sourced
from another crowd using the site Kickstarter, which provides payment and
promotional infrastructure for funding small and large projects via the
crowd. In my talk I will discuss the motivations and problems implicated by
this work, as well as a the technical and methodological details of how I'm
executing it.

You can find out more about it here:


Anyway, I work full time for Creative Commons but also teach "Copyright,
Commerce and Culture" at NYU. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the


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