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Brooke Singer brooke at bsing.net
Wed Oct 28 00:03:49 UTC 2009

Hi iDC-ers,

I am very much looking forward to the conference in just a few weeks. I plan
to be an active listener more than anything, but will also be moderating a
panel on Saturday with Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Kenneth Rogers, Burak Arikan and
Chris Barr called ³USER LABOR: CREATIVE RESPONSES.² I have introduced myself
on this list before and my bio is on the conference website, so I won¹t do
that here. But, for me this conference is most interesting in thinking about
the process and potential of ³crowdsourcing² or mass collaboration enabled
by the internet. What are the opportunities and false hopes (especially in
relation to activist media art)? My work of late has been about making
platforms to visualize/re-contextualize data (usually government and/or
scientific). This is a starting point to enable new kinds of access and,
thus, new kinds of conversations and descriptions (re-inscriptions). You can
visit www.superfund65.org and www.undesigning.org for more of what I am
talking about.

Hope to see many of you there!

Best, Brooke

Brooke Singer
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