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Paul B. Hartzog paulbhartzog at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 16:28:05 UTC 2009

Hi all,
not sure if I've ever actually introduced myself here before,
but since I'll be paneling at http://www.digitallabor.org
Trebor asked me to post.

Here's the bit from http://digitallabor.org/speakers1/paul_hartzog
Paul B. Hartzog, one of the coiners of the word "panarchy," is an
independent scholar and hacker, currently teaching at the University
of Michigan's School of Information. Recipient of an NSF IGERT to
study complex systems, he has a Masters in Globalization and
Environmental Politics from the University of Utah, and a Masters in
Political Theory from the University of Michigan.  His work on
panarchy hybridizes political philosophy/economy, network culture,
complex systems, and critical social theory. His work online ranges
from "Panarchy and the Wikification of Politics" to an important
conversation with Trebor Scholz "Toward a Critique of the Social Web."
 In addition to articulating emerging dynamics, Paul also is a
cofounder of The Forward Foundation a consulting group that develops
open-source infrastructure for collaboration and sharing. His clients
include Howard Rheingold, Stanford University, and The Institute for
the Future. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife and two sons.

but wait! there's more :-)

Way back when I realized that environmental commons and ecologies
were also descriptions of emerging technologies,
so I quickly drew the parallel while working with Elinor Ostrom,
Howard Rheingold, et al,
and dashed off in the direction of complex systems,
where I encountered a plethora of valuable conceptual tools
but no commitment to philosophy, merely method.

My primary modes of interaction are verbal and face-to-face,
so despite my advocacy of new technologies,
I myself often have difficulty actually staying active with them. :-)
The upside of this is that I love to talk to people,
so feel free at the conference to corner me,
offer your thoughts, and ask me questions.

As i said in the conclusion of
"Toward a Critique of the Social Web" (with Trebor):

"The invitation is always open."


PaulBHartzog at PaulBHartzog.org
PaulBHartzog at panarchy.com
PHartzog at umich.edu
The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms.
                 --Muriel Rukeyser

See differently, then you will act differently.
                 --Paul B. Hartzog

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