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Thu Dec 16 20:05:57 UTC 2010

Marco Deseriis aka Snafu <snafu at thething.it> wrote:

"Conversely, net art would define an art that relied on the Internet
mainly as a distribution channel, with no intention to set in
motion circuits of exchange."

this is currently discussed in sum New Media Art circles as "internet
aware art" i.e. via Guthrie Lonergan, Parker Ito, Samuel D. York,
etc... for sum connections to that see:



i simply use phrases such as web-based, code-based, screen-based,
time-based, etc to express specificities in terms of those types of
lens/frames. i find that to be enough clarification in most cases

+ i would also vote w/Brian on "networking art" or "networking
theorypractices" b/c (as is obvious) this moves the description away
from the problematic of a technical medium specificity that { brad
brace } refers to when he raises the issue of the category/name of
Video Art

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