[iDC] Off Topic: Defining networked art

Heidi May mayh at ecuad.ca
Fri Dec 17 06:55:47 UTC 2010

Thanks very much for the input, I appreciate all the encouragement I  
can get! I'll take a look at your blog as soon as I can. I think you  
are on to something with the "ing" and I had been thinking about this  
before so I'm really glad you brought it up - aligns with other  
research I have down about noun/verb and being "in process" and  
related to my theoretical framework of a temporal epistemology (not  
fixed, but knowledge in flux). Plus...one of my favourite resources  
that I am sticking by (Bazzichelli, 2008) is actually titled  
"Networking: The Net as Artwork" - which you can download here: http://www.networkingart.eu/english.html
I think why I was resistant to it at first was the same reason I am  
sometimes resistant to both "network" and "networked," being that they  
all conjure associations of business and marketing, and I'm trying to  
focus more on the abstract processes of the components that produce  
the artworks. [By the way, the Bazzichelli book references Baroni a  
fair bit I think]

I actually don't consider it a useful distinction either, which is why  
I want to challenge and unpack the terminology in order to allow for  
better understandings of what "network/ed/ing" in art could  
potentially be. I also don't like "video art" and many other labels as  
it is restrictive and not representative of the work. I actually am  
even more resistant when these labels are placed next to "artist"  
since I find that even more restrictive and dated for art today.

Yes, thanks....but glad you brought it up since a couple of other  
people have mentioned it recently and I will need to return back to it  
more thoroughly.

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