[iDC] Civic intelligence in Haiti Recovery?

Douglas Schuler douglas at publicsphereproject.org
Fri Feb 19 21:35:01 UTC 2010

distributed creativity....

A friend of mine is planning to volunteer in Haiti with Architecture  
for Humanity in March or April. He plans to work with construction  
workers and other skilled people on reconstruction. He is also  
interested in IT and the development of the communications and the  
general SOCIAL infrastructure after the emergency.

I told him that my own knowledge of this is pretty shallow I'd ask  
around in places where the knowledge is likely to be deeper. Are there  
important, interesting projects that he (and others) should know about?

In addition to hoping that the people of Haiti can recover from this  
and lead lives with less hardship in the future I'm interested in  
understanding civic intelligence, particularly how it can be improved  
-- inside and outside of Haiti, in non-emergency and emergency  
situations. I'm working on a theory (or "theory frame") of civic  
intelligence so any insights you have on this -- as well as notes from  
the Haiti emergency -- would be extremely welcome.

Please get back to me with your thoughts on this as soon as you get  
the opportunity.

BTW, our "Civic Intelligence" pattern is at http://www.publicsphereproject.org/drupal/node/200 
  and our "Emergency Communication Systems" pattern is at http://www.publicsphereproject.org/drupal/node/320 


Douglas Schuler
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Liberating Voices!  A Pattern Language for Communication Revolution  

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