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[Pardon my de-lurking...] I don't use it myself, but I've been to plenty of
humanities conferences lately where it's being discussed from both a
pedagogical and research perspective.

Scan this listing of digital humanities sessions at the Modern Language
Association for "virtual" and you'll find SL stuff:

Or these daily schedules from the Digital Arts and Culture conference:
http://dac09.uci.edu/day1.html (see the Sex 1 panel, where several talked
about SL)
http://dac09.uci.edu/day3.html (see Int Ped 1, which stands for
interdisciplinary pedagogy; the Harrells presented a nice qualitative and
quantitative study about using SL and STEM learning with alternative high
school students)

Or last spring's Computers & Writing Online conference, which was partly
held in SL (thanks to the NMC and the Institute for Multimedia Literacy at

(This spring's C&W Online will probably also be partly held in SL, and that
conference -- mostly writing professors who teach with lots of digital
technology and media -- always has a handful of sessions about WoW and SL,
prolly more this year since the theme is Virtual Worlds:
http://www.digitalparlor.org/cw2010/ -- no details yet tho. And, fyi, the
online conference is usually free...)


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