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Gazira Babeli¹s show at DAM in Berlin was a riot (literally). All those

There is a lot of such good work going on in SL. In my report, mentioned
earlier, I could only mention a few examples. Alan¹s work is treated in some
detail, as is Cao Fei¹s. The latter¹s work, at first sight, seems rather
inconsequential. But to fully experience it you need to do an archaeological
dig, in SL, going down through the levels to reach the nether-regions of her
world. It takes time but is highly rewarding. Not unusual for good art

Alan¹s goes the other way ­ you need to learn to fly to get the most out of



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Just to chime in here - I've worked in SL for several years now; this has
included an installation in the artists space Odyssey. You can find out
more about Odyssey at http://odysseyart.ning.com/ which is a fairly active
site. I've written extensively on virtuality - this was gathered by a
small theory-oriented press - The Accidental Artist: Fort/Da -
http://stores.lulu.com/publicdomaininc . SL provides an incredibly supple
environment for art-making (including choreography, installation, perform-
ance, etc.). There are two main cultural uses that should be mentioned
here - sex, which is rampant (and the programming is highly-creative; I've
never understood why it's not considered an artform), and 'standard' two-
and three-dimensional artworks which are in a great number of galleries
all over SL. I'm surprised that Gazira Babeli's work hasn't been mentioned
- s/he's one of the most astute artists I've seen in any world, creating
performances/objects/installations that do things with great 'somatic' and
theoretical import.

- Alan

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